Bring Order to Your Data

Load data from multiple sources and formats to a unified schema, with the tools to match, validate, and review so you can produce high quality datasets.

App screenshot

this is screenshot only contains faked data, no real emails, thanks to datablist/sample-csv-files

Load clean data

Everything you need to load, clean, and validate messy data

Data gets sent around in multiple formats, and even more schemas. Needing to standardize columns and ensuring clean data is loaded can be a time consuming, error prone process. provides the workflow and tools to load data quickly and confidently.

Upload CSV, JSON, Excel, and more
Load tabular data in the formats it already exists. Dont spend time converting your data formats.
Auto-match to your target schema.
Using machine learning we automatically match your input data to your desired target schema. When there are issues with your data quickly see invalid data and decide how to best handle it.
Export to your data warehouse
Once your data is loaded, validated, and cleaned your can export a single file or all data to formats easy to load into your data warehouse including: CSV, JSON, and Parquet.
Work as a team
Make data loading repeatable process that your team can reuse. Dont run one off scripts or manual data loads.

Learn more about CreateTable's data loading workflow in the documention.