Getting Started


Create Table is a tool for unifying data from many different file schemas into a single table. Its designed to automate the process where possible and to provide an interface that helps you make quick, correct decisions when automation is not possible.

Data is messy

Not all data is available in an API. Sometimes you need to load data from a file sent in from a customer or other source. Files from multiple sources often won’t have a consistent schemas. They might even change per file from the same source, and even small differences can cause big issues and waste time.

Files come from a wide range of sources. Maybe send in by customers, vendors, business partners, or downloaded from data portals. These files are produced by governments, departments, companies, organizations, etc. Each of those sources has people who each decided to organized their data in a specific way. And it can be time consuming to get those to match and into a schema you can use.

CreateTable automatically matches schema, enforces validations, and gives you information about the data being loaded to have confidence.

Take what could be a long, very manual task and give yourself the tools to do it quickly with high confidence in the the output.